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This forum was created due to a number of pressing problems we saw in available open-source Java based (Servlet/JSP) Forum Engines.

  • Using the database for everything, including searching and indexing
  • No free forum that allows sub-forums to any depth
  • No free ones having all the capabilities we wanted in one package, especially:

We directly leverage a bunch of open-source products:


This repository is part of a multi-project gradle build.

It has the following dependencies:

Before building:

  • clone the dependencies into adjacent folders directly under same parent folder
  • download settings.gradle into the parent folder


gradle clean
gradle build


gradle appRunWar


To start, you must have access to a database.

You can have your admin create a database instance using the commands below:

CREATE USER 'collab'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'pw4collab';
GRANT ALL ON collab.* TO 'collab'@'localhost';

Thereafter, you can login to use it locally using

/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql -u collab -ppw4collab collab

Once in, you can do the following:

source src/main/resources/net.ugorji.oxygen/forum/database/mysql.sql

Usage Information

The user manual is available at src/main/resources/net.ugorji.oxygen/forum/help.txt. We store it there since it has to be loaded up by the forum engine to show bundled help.

Software dependencies

  • Mandatory
    1. oxy-jdk-extensions.jar
    2. oxy-common.jar
    3. oxy-markup.jar
    4. oxy-forum-classes.jar
    5. oxy-forum-resources.jar
    6. commons-logging.jar,
    7. commons-fileupload.jar, (1.1 has a bad bug, causing all filenames to be lowercase)
    8. commons-io.jar
    9. lucene-core.jar,
    10. freemarker.jar,
    11. org.suigeneris.jrcs.diff.jar
    12. jpa.jar
    13. jta.jar
  • Mandatory (required if using hibernate)
    1. hibernate.jar
    2. hibernate-annotations.jar
    3. hibernate-entitymanager.jar
    4. hibernate-commons-annotations.jar
    5. jboss-archive-browsing.jar
    6. antlr.jar
    7. javassist.jar
    8. dom4j.jar
    9. ehcache.jar
  • Mandatory (required if using openjpa)
    1. openjpa.jar
    2. commons-lang.jar
    3. jca.jar
    4. serp.jar
  • Optional
    1. ehcache.jar (if using ehcache as markup caching provider.)
    2. radeox_base.jar (only if leveraging radeox macros)
    3. bsf.jar (only if using the script macro - some people disable this for security reasons)
    4. bsh.jar (only if using the script macro - and leveraging beanshell as your scripting engine)
    5. jhlabs-imaging.jar (only if using captcha, to prevent spam, and ensure humans post entries to the forum)
    6. rome.jar (only if using rss macro)
    7. jdom.jar (only if using rss macro - rss macro uses rome.jar which internally uses jdom.jar)


Locale Management

In the forum, there is only one big sandbox. Consequently, a locale must only be set administratively, and applies to the whole forum. The locale set is the same one which is used as the language for creating topics and posts.

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