(Abandoned) Combination of a beautiful clock with widget, alarm, stopwatch & timer, no ads

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ABANDONED: This app has been unpublished from Google Play due to the inability to make it work reliably enough. There are always more and more system and battery restrictions that limit background activities on Android, making apps like this unreliable. We do not want to produce low quality apps or be responsible for not ringing alarms etc leading to bigger problems so we decided to remove it from Google Play altogether. It will still be available on Github, but use it with caution.

Simple Clock


The app has multiple functions related to timing.

At the clock you can enable displaying times from other timezones, or use the simple, but customizable clock widget. The text color of the widget can be customized, as well as the color and the alpha of the background.

The alarm contains all the expected features as day selecting, vibration toggling, ringtone selecting, snooze or adding a custom label.

With the stopwatch you can easily measure a longer period of time, or individual laps. You can sort the laps by lap time, it contains optional vibrations on button presses too, just to let you know that the button was pressed, even if you cannot look at the device.

You can easily setup a timer to be notified of some event. You can both change its ringtone, or toggle vibrations.

Additional features include preventing the device from falling asleep while the app is in foreground, or displaying some tabs in fullscreen view.

Contains no ads or unnecessary permissions. It is fully opensource, provides customizable colors.

This app is just one piece of a bigger series of apps. You can find the rest of them at https://www.simplemobiletools.com

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