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List of awesome projects and information resources about the Metaverse. Since there are many competing ideas about what the Metaverse is, feel free to leave feedback in the form of pull requests, issues, and comments. You can also reach us through discord.


  • WebXR Explainer - What is WebXR and what are the use-cases?
  • Awesome WebVR - Curated list of awesome WebVR packages and resources
  • Exokit - WebXR meta-browsers, engines, avatar systems, and more
  • Webaverse - Make spatial web objects you own using open standards
  • Awesome WebXR - Compilation of links for WebXR demos, frameworks, editors and more
  • Zesty Market - A marketplace for rentable NFT banner spaces in XR. Has generated over $5K USD revenue for WebXR devs.
  • Web3XR - Site explaining the intersection of Web3 and WebXR technologies.

Social VR

Open Source Tools / Engines

  • Janus Guide - JanusXR is an open source 3D browser and visual editor
  • JanusWeb - Web framework for building interconnected virtual reality experiences
  • Hubs - Multi-user virtual spaces in WebXR, made by Mozilla
  • Spoke - Easily create custom 3D environments
  • Open Brush - Derivative made from the open source code of Tilt Brush
  • Three.js editor - Web editor for three.js
  • Babylonjs editor - Web editor for babylon.js
  • High Fidelity - Open source VR software platform (Deprecated)
  • Vircadia - Community maintained fork of High Fidelity
  • Tivoli Cloud - Open source fork of High Fidelity
  • Decentraland - A blockchain-based virtual world (not VR yet)
  • Webaverse - A universe of 3D apps that work everywhere
  • XR3ngine - Open source framework for building scalable realtime social apps


  • Cryptovoxels - Virtual world owned by its users
  • Somnium Space - Persistent blockchain based virtual world
  • NeosVR - Engine designed to accelerate the development of social VR applications
  • VRChat - Biggest social VR platform with UGC of worlds and avatars
    • Awesome VRChat - One-stop shop for people interested in developing content for VRchat
  • Roblox - Massive online multiplayer UGC gaming platform
  • Omniverse - Real-time simulation and collaboration platform for 3D production pipelines
  • dot big bang - Web-based multiplayer UGC gaming platform with built-in tools and Typescript scripting
  • Helios - Unreal Engine based UGC worlds, avatars and gaming platform
  • Meta - Meta (previously Facebook) announcement video of The Metaverse

Avatar Providers

Protocols and Standards

  • Dat - a peer-to-peer protocol
  • IPFS - a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol
  • glTF - Runtime 3D asset delivery
  • VRM - File format for 3D humanoid avatars
  • Ethereum - Decentralized world computer
  • WebXR - Accessing VR/AR hardware on the web
  • Open Metaverse Interoperability - Protocols for interoperable virtual worlds



  • Neuromancer - (80s) Defined the Cyberpunk genre and the term Cyberspace
  • Snow Crash - (90s) Coined the term Metaverse as a successor to the Internet
  • Ready Player One - (2011) Hit book that later became a Spielberg movie
  • Ready Player Two - (2020) Sequel to Ready Player One
  • Rainbows End - (2006) Increasingly digital/virtual world with ubiquitous computing
  • Idoru - Virtual celebrities and decentralized virtual worlds, Book #2 in Bridge Trilogy


  • The Spatial Web - How web 3.0 will connect humans, machines and AI to transform the world


  • The Matrix
  • The Thirteenth Floor
  • Existenz
  • Free Guy
  • Tron
  • Wreck it Ralph 2
  • Ready Player One

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