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Go:如何获得项目根目录? https://polarisxu.studygolang.com/posts/go/pkg/go-std-cwd/
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Hi, In go.mod the minimum Go version is already specified at the end of the file. I was surprise that go-buildpack didn't recognize this and that i needed to add the comment // +scalingo goVersion. Maybe there is a reason other than legacy ? edit: i see the same issue on heroku heroku#378
I was trying to upgrade protoc-gen-validate to latest when I detected that there was some sort of regression related to external enums and the use of default references to avoid build breakages. It seems like #529 changed the code in template/go/file.go from: {{ range (externalEnums .) }} _ = {{ pkg . }}.{{ name . }}(0) {{ end }} To: {{ range $pkg, $path := enumPackages (externalEnums .) }} _ = {{ $pkg }}.{{ (index (externalEnums $) 0).Parent.Name }}_{{ (index (externalEnums $) 0).Name }}(0) {{ end }} This change broke our building pipeline as we're using external enums and the current implementation renders them as this: _ = myenumpackage.path/to/enum/type/file.proto_MyEnum(0). Where this should be something like: _ = myenumpackage.MyEnum(0) Pinging to the ones that implemented & reviewed this @upils & @rodaine
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Checklist This is a bug report, not a question. Ask questions on discuss.ipfs.io. I have searched on the issue tracker for my bug. I am running the latest go-ipfs version or have an issue updating. Installation method built from source Version go-ipfs version: 0.13.0-dev-14046d000-dirty Repo version: 12 System version: amd64/linux Golang version: devel go1.18-becaeea119 Tue Dec 14 17:43:51 2021 +0000 Config { "API": { "HTTPHeaders": { "Access-Control-Allow-Methods": [ "PUT", "POST" ], "Access-Control-Allow-Origin": [ "http://webui.ipfs.io.ipns.localhost:8080", "http://localhost:3000", "", "https://webui.ipfs.io" ] } }, "Addresses": { "API": "/ip4/", "Announce": [], "Gateway": "/ip4/", "NoAnnounce": [], "Swarm": [ "/ip4/", "/ip6/::/tcp/4001", "/ip4/", "/ip6/::/udp/4001/quic" ] }, "AutoNAT": {}, "Bootstrap": [ "/dnsaddr/bootstrap.libp2p.io/p2p/QmNnooDu7bfjPFoTZYxMNLWUQJyrVwtbZg5gBMjTezGAJN", "/dnsaddr/bootstrap.libp2p.io/p2p/QmQCU2EcMqAqQPR2i9bChDtGNJchTbq5TbXJJ16u19uLTa", "/dnsaddr/bootstrap.libp2p.io/p2p/QmbLHAnMoJPWSCR5Zhtx6BHJX9KiKNN6tpvbUcqanj75Nb", "/dnsaddr/bootstrap.libp2p.io/p2p/QmcZf59bWwK5XFi76CZX8cbJ4BhTzzA3gU1ZjYZcYW3dwt", "/ip4/", "/ip4/" ], "Datastore": { "BloomFilterSize": 0, "GCPeriod": "1h", "HashOnRead": false, "Spec": { "child": { "path": "badgerds", "syncWrites": false, "truncate": true, "type": "badgerds" }, "prefix": "badger.datastore", "type": "measure" }, "StorageGCWatermark": 90, "StorageMax": "10GB" }, "Discovery": { "MDNS": { "Enabled": true, "Interval": 10 } }, "Experimental": { "FilestoreEnabled": false, "GraphsyncEnabled": true, "Libp2pStreamMounting": true, "P2pHttpProxy": true, "StrategicProviding": true, "UrlstoreEnabled": false }, "Gateway": { "APICommands": [], "HTTPHeaders": { "Access-Control-Allow-Headers": [ "X-Requested-With", "Range", "User-Agent" ], "Access-Control-Allow-Methods": [ "GET" ], "Access-Control-Allow-Origin": [ "*" ] }, "NoDNSLink": false, "NoFetch": false, "PathPrefixes": [], "PublicGateways": null, "RootRedirect": "", "Writable": false }, "Identity": { "PeerID": "QmXnjqD2AEdSAUysycDaVykb1CsRUxhyZZpXb41iKGtyA9" }, "Ipns": { "RecordLifetime": "", "RepublishPeriod": "", "ResolveCacheSize": 128 }, "Mounts": { "FuseAllowOther": false, "IPFS": "/ipfs", "IPNS": "/ipns" }, "Peering": { "Peers": null }, "Plugins": { "Plugins": null }, "Provider": { "Strategy": "" }, "Pubsub": { "DisableSigning": false, "Router": "" }, "Reprovider": { "Interval": "12h", "Strategy": "all" }, "Routing": { "Type": "dht" }, "Swarm": { "AddrFilters": null, "AutoRelay": { "Enabled": true }, "ConnMgr": { "GracePeriod": "20s", "HighWater": 900, "LowWater": 600, "Type": "basic" }, "DisableBandwidthMetrics": false, "DisableNatPortMap": false, "Transports": { "Multiplexers": {}, "Network": {}, "Security": {} } } } Description make install throws the following error : go version devel go1.18-becaeea119 Tue Dec 14 17:43:51 2021 +0000 linux/amd64 bin/check_go_version 1.15.2 fatal: Invalid 'go version' output: go version devel go1.18-becaeea119 Tue Dec 14 17:43:51 2021 +0000 linux/amd64 make: *** [mk/golang.mk:80: check_go_version] Error 1 The error is in the following line : GO_CUR_VERSION=$(expr "$VERS_STR" : ".*go version go\([^ ]*\) .*") || die "Invalid 'go version' output: $VERS_STR" It's missing a simple .* after go version to check for devel . I also edited the [^ ] for [^[:space:]] to be more canonical. GO_CUR_VERSION=$(expr "$VERS_STR" : ".*go version.* go\([^[:space:]]*\) .*") || die "Invalid 'go version' output: $VERS_STR" This new line passes the other checks and leads to a successful build (provided you ran go get github.com/lucas-clemente/[email protected] before). #8677
[[email protected] perf]# HARBOR_SIZE=small HARBOR_URL= go run mage.go prepare mage.go:8:2: cannot find package "github.com/magefile/mage/mage" in any of: /usr/lib/golang/src/github.com/magefile/mage/mage (from $GOROOT) /root/go/src/github.com/magefile/mage/mage (from $GOPATH)
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Why This is the reason we're here: deliver cool web3 functionality to users. What This is not related to customer-specific deployment, this is go-live for the public. Publish to GitHub Marketplace, drive traffic by advertising through marketing channels.
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Last Tested On [23/12/2021] - jpd002/[email protected] Known Issues & Notes In-game, slightly faster with opengl, needs more testing to confirm if it's fully playable Related Screenshots
Is there a way to use this library akin to how something like Goja or Otto usage looks like? I'm working on a CLI where I want to have a JS runtime that will run perhaps many scripts (both files and from variables in go) in the same context. Right now I'm using Otto, and it works, but I'd like something that supports ES6 (especially modules). Here's an example of what I'm doing to setup a vm: vm := otto.New() err = vm.Set("someFunc", func(call otto.FunctionCall) otto.Value { message := call.Argument(0).String() // some go code here return otto.Value{} }) _, err := vm.Run(` // some setup scripts `); Then later I have some user-defined scripts I want to execute against that vm (via the Run method), using some of those pre-defined setup/functions and interop as necessary. It doesn't look like this is something Elsa currently can handle, but is this a direction you're going in? If not I have some other options, just none as attractive as what you're doing here I think. Thanks in advance, and best of luck!
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The following programming language has been requested to be adapted into flashcards - Go Link to Learn X in Y minutes page for reference - https://learnxinyminutes.com/docs/go/
2021年HW漏洞总结 - 渗透测试中心 http://f5.pm/go-71227.html
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Your question envoyproxy [go control plane] 什么时候升v3? pilot里面是v3的了 Environment MOSN Version Logs Paste the logs you see.
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lete's do it
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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. The purpose of this ticket is to describe the requirements and specify the design of the integration of the Forecast based Action by the DREF on the GO platform. The initial idea is to include templates in GO for the following products: • EAP summary. • EAP Notification - Early Warning (EAP activation) Field Report • EAP final report. All templates are aligned with those of the DREF request, although FbA by the DREF allocation has a separate review and allocation process. Links to documentation Requirements document can be found here: https://ifrcorg.sharepoint.com/:w:/r/sites/DREFRequestreview/_layouts/15/Doc.aspx?sourcedoc=%7B29D226C2-65AE-4909-B6F0-C86A93BAE584%7D&file=FbA%20Application%20requirements.docx&action=default&mobileredirect=true Summary wireframes: https://www.figma.com/proto/u0XifdJwTEx165x3e0eoP9/IFRC-GO_UI-Prototype?page-id=0%3A4957&node-id=636%3A3784&viewport=274%2C48%2C0.64&scaling=scale-down-width&starting-point-node-id=0%3A4963 Notification (FR) wireframes: https://www.figma.com/proto/uRgMamNHRi5KhhroYDwuxN/IFRC-GO---Wireframes?page-id=0%3A72&node-id=104%3A12112&viewport=274%2C48%2C0.63&scaling=scale-down-width&starting-point-node-id=111%3A0 @mariam-yu @marcovvu1
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Domain go.rancah.com Link https://go.rancah.com/AqcWo Version 0.0.0 What browsers are you seeing the problem on? Chrome What OS are you seeing the problem on? Windows (Optional) Anything else? No response Code of Conduct I agree to follow this project's Code of Conduct
https://fightinggg.github.io/R17ULO.html#more Effective GO https://github.com/bingohuang/effective-go-zh-en 2. 格式化 在最开始学习GO的时候,写了几篇Blog,发现代码里面的对齐都是TAB,这让我很困惑,知道现在才知道,GO语言,默认使用TAB进行对齐。 当然GO还有自己的空格规则x<<8 + y<<16,向这份代码,我们根据空格就能知道计算的优先
Imported from https://trello.com/c/GLhPOfCn/118-go-dash-rpc-client. Go-based Dash RPC client to enable Go projects to interact with Dash Core. Concept Tasks Specification Tasks Production Tasks QA Tasks
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Currently the Cloudflare API actions are done manually. It should be moved to the supported cloudflare-go library for interacting with the v4 API.
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When using an 'Orc' mob, its javelins go through walls. Ive tested other ranged weapons, and they do not go through walls, but javelins do. Definitely needs to be fixed please!
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Robotgo version (or commit ref): Go version:1.14.6 Gcc version:10.2.0_2 Operating system and bit:darwin/amd64 Resolution: Can you reproduce the bug at Examples: Yes (provide example code) No Not relevant Provide example code: Log gist: Description ➜ go get github.com/go-vgo/robotgo # github.com/vcaesar/gops vcaesar/gops/ps.go:160:2: cannot use []string value as type string in return argument
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References https://divan.dev/posts/go_concurrency_visualize/
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there is a error when I run TestLogistic.Error info is "Line 20: - runtime error: cgo argument has Go pointer to Go pointer ", file is "golearn-master/linear_models/logistic_test.go" When Initing prob.c_prob.x and prob.c_prob.y in func NewProblem, it allocates memory in Go, we need to allocate the pointer memory in C, not Go. func NewProblem(X [][]float64, y []float64, bias float64) *Problem { prob := Problem{} prob.c_prob.l = C.int(len(X)) prob.c_prob.n = C.int(len(X[0]) + 1) prob.c_prob.x = convert_features(X, bias) c_y := make([]C.double, len(y)) for i := 0; i < len(y); i++ { c_y[i] = C.double(y[i]) } prob.c_prob.y = &c_y[0] prob.c_prob.bias = C.double(-1) return &prob } So there is error in function Fit to call Train func Train(prob *Problem, param *Parameter) *Model { libLinearHookPrintFunc() // Sets up logging tmpCProb := &prob.c_prob tmpCParam := &param.c_param return &Model{unsafe.Pointer(C.train(tmpCProb, tmpCParam))} }
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